Fireside Chat with Dougal Campbell, An Early WordPress Developer

February 23, 2010

Joost and Frederick talk to Dougal Campbell, one of the original WordPress developers. They discuss various topics: from differences between WordPress and Drupal, and how they handle automatic testing and custom data types (for which WordPress has the upcoming custom post types and the pods plugin), to donations (or lack thereof) for plugins. They go in-depth about microformats and RDFa and how you could use the custom field functionality in WordPress (which Dougal wrote) to make use of those. Last but not least, WordPress 3 comes around the corner a couple of times, discussing all the cool new features in it (like author specific templates and background support) and what should and should not be in core, like multi site and multi domain settings.

In this weeks news:
Upcoming WordCamps
The Awesome Custom Woo Navigation
New: Online Backup For WordPress
Updated: Exploit Scanner 0.95
GravityForms Now With Freshbooks
Plugin Repository Now Supports Videos
Donate To Plugin Developers Day – March 1st Downtime Summary


7 Responses to “Fireside Chat with Dougal Campbell, An Early WordPress Developer”

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  2. scribu says:

    I hate to ask this, but… how can I listen to the podcast??

    I don’t see any player, button or link.

  3. Seems like the audio stream & download is missing. 🙂

  4. […] good to explain how I implemented hreview in my theme.How I "activate" a reviewI alluded to it in last tuesdays podcast with Dougal Campbell: When I add a custom field "rating" to a post, my theme now automatically marks up that post as an […]

  5. […] fait allusion à cela dans le  dernier podcast de mardi avec Dougal Campbell : Quand j’ajoute un champ personnalisé « rating » à un billet, mon […]

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