Thesis WordPress Theme Creator Chris Pearson

February 9, 2010


Web developer Chris Pearson, who specializes in building detailed, robust WordPress themes, most notably the Thesis WordPress theme, joins Joost and Frederick to discuss how he created Thesis to become the ultimate publishing platform on the web.


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  1. Konstantin says:

    Thanks for mentioning me Fred! 😉

    ~ @kovshenin

  2. GoMe says:

    nice plugin Chris Pearson

  3. Ash Goodman says:

    I fail to understand how Chris Pearson’s statement that selling Thesis theme would make him feel sick and the statement on his website that says 19,000 sold which equals 1.65 mill USD can fit together.

    Sorry Chris but even with profit share, partners, affiliate and taxes you’ve made some serious money.

  4. Ank says:

    the thesis theme is a joke…

  5. wow great clean and good theme must try to use it.

  6. You guys talked about LeVar Burton, who is running Thesis 1.3.3 LOL!

    One of the greatest features about Thesis is how easy it is to upgrade when a new release hits. Without touching your customizations, no matter how involved, you can upgrade before you finish your cup of coffee. Thesis is the ultimate publishing platform only if you use it.

    Anyway, it was a good talk, guys, but I could barely tune in after hearing how young you little snots are. Jeez, I mean, I was running Neoclassical and other Pearson themes about a hundred years ago. So, what, was Chris like around sixteen then? He alluded to getting laid as if it was some fond memory of his youth. Oy.

    I’m eligible for full government retirement in exactly eight days, but I’m not ready yet. Yes, I’ve been at my job longer than Joost and Chris have been Joost and Chris. Someday, though, I will give up the sinecure, and then I intend to be Chris and Joost myself, blogging my little bureaucratic buns off.

    From what Chris said about 2.0, I’m pretty certain I’ll be using Thesis for all my projects.

    Thanks for the entertaining audio, and best regards to you youngsters.

  7. Mukhtaruddin says:

    Uh yeah.. My Blog use thesis theme too..I would like to Download it..

  8. Good show, I’m a Thesis user and found some more info on Chris and how Thesis works.

  9. Anne says:

    Thank you Fred; I need to introduce some change to my blog and the Thesis theme by Chris Pearson (I just learned about) seems as the right option as is optimized and the default layout seems proper for me. I will work on installing it on my blog this weekend.

  10. Rick Beckman says:

    I used to be very active in the Thesis community and was briefly an assistant developer of the theme itself… Anyone know if the issues between Automattic & non-GPLed themes have been resolved? Last I heard, the official WordPress position would preclude Thesis from existing under the operating model that it has historically had — that DIYthemes owns the code and that users are restricted to using it only under their arbitrary conditions.

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  12. Jeffro says:

    @Rick Beckman – The issues are not with Automattic and Non-GPL themes. The issues are between The WordPress Project and the license it has and themes like Thesis that operate on a model that is not compliant with the license WordPress has. Therefor, as long as Thesis continues to operate on a restrictive license model, you will never see support for it in the repository or in various other places.

    But, no lawyers are going to come knocking on the door demanding that he change the license to be compliant with the GPL. So, he can keep on doing whatever he wants to do because no one is going to stop him.

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  14. pix says:

    Does the Thesis Theme work with PrestaShop? Thank you.

  15. […] That’s still pretty darn slim, but it could be better. Thesis developer Chris Pearson has stated publicly that he plans to eventually cut down on the number of style sheets, and that would certainly help. […]

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