Responsibillity in Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate Contracts Founder Paul Moss speaks candidly about how affiliate marketing is treated as a rogue industry and is acting irrational to brick and mortar businesses. Plus, he offers a call to action for more responsibility in the affiliate marketing space.

Leapfish Launches Real Time Social Search Engine

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Upcoming search and social media innovator LeapFish unveils their new multi-media and real-time search, communication, and sharing platform platform that seamlessly combines the ability to search and share real-time and traditional content in any media format in a single interface across a range of different sites.

Competitive Intelligence and Keyword Monitoring

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Jamie Smith, CEO of Engine Ready, joins Jim Hedger to discuss Competitive Intelligence and Keyword Monitoring, including defining what both entails and the precautions behind these processes.

Best Search Strategies-Last Click Attribution

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Avoid the Trap of Last Click Attribution and learn some methodologies on measuring and assessing the real performance of your keywords, email, seo and other online marketing campaigns.

PRWeb Tip for September 3rd-Identifying Your Company

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This PRWeb Tip of the Week explains how you should identify your company immediately on your news release.

PRWeb Tip-August 27th, 2009-Avoid Direct Address

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Avoid Direct Address is the message of the PRWeb Tip of the week. Avoid Direct Address so that your press release will not resemble an advertisement.

Best Search Strategies-Tool for Landing Page Testing

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Jamie Smith and Brian Lewis of Engine Ready introduce us to Conversion Critic,and how marketers can benefit from it.

Plus, discussions on when dealing with a large E-Commerce account or one which employs numerous landing pages, how it is easy for a mistake to be overlooked, and how the absolute most important aspect of Pay-Per-Click advertising is ensuring that the visitor actually lands on your site.

PRWeb Tip August 20th- Add Images and File Attachments

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Add images and file attachments so that your press releases will be brought to life in this weeks tip.

PRWeb Tip August 13th-Anchor Text

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Use anchor text in your news releases with PRWEB and their SEO visibility features in this weeks tip.

PRWeb Tip for August 6th-Rethink Concept of News

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This weeks tip says to Rethink Concept of News. Just because you don’t have anything to announce does not mean you do not have to put out a press release.