India Outsourcing Jobs to the US?

August 23, 2010 by  
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Mikkel and Dave discuss how Indian companies are now outsourcing low wage jobs to the US. They also get into more discussion on Google Streetview, plus they look into the dropping value of Lycos from it 12.5 billion dollar sale to Terra, over 95,4 million to Daum and now 36 million to Ybrant Digital out of India.

Google Tries Customable Background

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To give the users a Microsoft Bing like taste Google offered its users a chance to redecorate their Google home page. Users were allowed to choose their own background photos and colors to brighten the otherwise plain white home page. However the move was withdrawn within just fourteen hours from the launch.

Dave and Mikkel also discuss more Google Streetview trouble in Denmark, World Cup Soccer, and how Matt Cutts caught wind of a blog post entitled SEO Is Mostly Quack Science.

Google Executives Convicted

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Mikkel and Dave discuss the recent headline where a Milan, Italy court convicted three Google executives for the 2006 transmission of a video showing the bullying of a youth with Downs Syndrome.

Also, they discuss a new Google StreetView policy where Google has to warn people before taking pictures, and not photograph things you cant normally see from the street and not store pictures for more than 6 months.

Privacy Troubles with Google Streetview

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Dave and Mikkel discusses recent issues and updates regarding privacy due to Google Streetview, plus they discuss the Apple iPad and their upcoming conference schedule.