Long Term Short Term Plays

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Long Term Short Term Plays are topics of discussion as Jeremy Schoemaker discusses how quickly you can start money with jobs you can find online or starting a blog.  Plus, we learn what four “Ps”  he thinks should become legal, plus w learn some hints about a secret project that he and John Chow will be participating in. Plus, he also discusses his interaction with self-made entrepreneurs and how he might aspire to do some marketing to promote his Shoemoney Network.

Stay At Home Affiliate Marketing

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Stay At Home Affiliate Marketing from Long Sales Sites to SEO impact as Jeremy Schoemaker speaks with Affiliate Blogging Coach Ashley Coombe. Ashley started in Internet Marketing in 2006 when she purchased an ecommerce site. After two months of zero sales, she set off to learn everything she could about online marketing. She was soon hooked. She is now a frequent speaker, writer and educator about social media, affiliate marketing, and blogging. She recently published her first book, “30 Tools, Tips & Tricks to Save You Time on Social Media and Blogging.” Ashley works for two companies, Prosperent, an Affiliate Tools Provider, and Shareist, a content marketing platform. She spends her time telling the world how life-changing these tools are for easily building, growing and monetizing websites.

Confronting the Risk and Maintaining the Outcome

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Jeremy Schoemaker talks about having an anxiety  that involves confronting risk with starting up new campaigns and projects. He talks about maintaining the outcome as in keeping payouts high for his affiliates while his current web host affiliate offering has gotten lucrative.

Steps to Build a Real Business

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Jeremy Schoemaker offers some crucial steps to build a real business,  plus he offers a real world example of how he lent a hand to helping someone who created some incredibly effective software that got some buzz from its free model, but the launch did not get off the ground as expected when he launched a premium model.

Chloe Spencer and NeopetsFanatic.com

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Jeremy Schoemaker is joined by Chloe Spencer, internet entrepreneur, about starting her first business at only 14 years old.  Chloe created NeopetsFanatic.com, a fan site on the hugely popular Nickelodeon-owned site Neopets, making over $1k passive income a month at the age of 15.

Affiliates and Hosting Services: Explaining the Endurance/Constant Contact Deal

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Following Endurance and their 1.1 billion dollar deal to buy Constant Contact, their shares suddenly dip. Jeremy Schoemaker talks about the sale and discusses how as an affiliate about how companies like his have worked on buying hosting services and weighing the idea of creating their own hosting service.

Shoemoney Shares Website Valuation Stories

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Jeremy Schoemaker shares some of his Website Valuation Stories and the experiences he has had early on his career and consulting others that just received an offer on their website and wonder if they should sell it or not. He also talks about the recent boom of weekly fantasy sports sites like Draft Kings and FanDuel.

Ben Fisher on How to Get Your Business Ahead With Google+ Business

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Google Plus Management Social SEO Marketing Veteran Ben Fisher talks to Jeremy Schoemaker on the usefulness of Google + and How he has helped Business Get Ahead With Google+ Business.

Valerie Dodds: The Gal With The Goods In Marketing

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Jeremy Schoemaker talks with Valerie Dodds, porn star, about he successes in her career in the advertising world.  Valerie does all of her own marketing and runs her own website.  Jeremy and Valerie discuss her intentions to switch from a subscription site to a non-subscription site, and how this switch will effect her business.

Bitcoin and Digital Currency Discussion With Maria Sparagis of DirectPayNet

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Talking Bitcoin and Digital Currency Jeremy Schoemaker speaks with Maria Sparagis, President of DirectPayNet, a private payment services firm that specializes in international and domestic merchant accounts for eCommerce merchants mainly in the medium to high-risk arenas.