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Join Jeremy Schoemaker as he teaches you how to make money online with affiliate marketing and PPC with guest interviews. He will cover contextual advertising, affiliates, donations, subscriptions ,pay per click and more. Learn the skills to pay the bills so you can turn your site into a money making machine on the Shoemoney Show.

Latest Show Episodes & Updates

Bitcoin and Digital Currency Discussion With Maria Sparagis of DirectPayNet
Air Date: August 25, 2015

0 Talking Bitcoin and Digital Currency Jeremy Schoemaker speaks with Maria Sparagis, President of DirectPayNet, a private payment services firm that specializes in international and domestic merchant accounts for eCommerce merchants mainly in the medium to high-risk arenas.

Jeff Gardner and The Big Payout
Air Date: August 18, 2015

0 Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, and Social Media Marketing and more are brought up as Jeff Gardner from BigPayout explains how being proficient in so many marketing verticals led to his success alongside his twin brother Ryan.

Vitamins, Supplements and Startup Stories with Paul Jarrett
Air Date: July 28, 2015

0 Jeremy Schoemaker welcomes Paul Jarrett,  founder of Bulubox, a discovery ecommerce platform that allows consumers to sample vitamins and supplements. Bulbox features Over 5,000 brands including partners such as KIND and Hydroxycut.

Apple to Not Renew Google Search Deal For Search on Safari; The Potential of Periscope
Air Date: July 21, 2015

0 Jeremy Schoemaker discusses the latest news that Apple will Not Renew Google Search Deal For Search on Safari. Plus, Jeremy discusses the Potential of Periscope and how socially effective it could become, that while he is streaming on Periscope for the first time on the air.

Andrea “The List Mistress” Fulton on Solo Ads, Affiliate Networks and Stalkers
Air Date: June 16, 2015

0 Jeremy Schoemaker welcomes Andrea “The List Mistress” Fulton from the Solo Ad Hit List,  a rolodex of premium solo ad providers. Andrea shares her thoughts on Solo Ads, Affiliate Networks and being hounded by stalkers.

The Business of Building Info Products
Air Date: May 26, 2015

0 Jeremy Schoemaker discusses the business of building info products , and how self-made multi millionaires like Frank Kern and John Reese and Tony Robbins who made their fortunes by selling products on the Internet.

The Next Click Bank With Mike Peters
Air Date: May 12, 2015

0 On Today’s Show Shoemoney talks with longtime friend Mike Peters on his latest project, Click Banks.

Prominent SEO Expert and Author Stephan Spencer
Air Date: May 5, 2015

0 Jeremy Schoemaker speaks with prominent SEO expert Stephan Spencer, the co-author of The Art of SEO, co-author of Social eCommerce, and author of Google Power Search. Stephan speaks about some new projects and shares some of his interesting backstory.

Former Pro Wrestler Turned Serial Entrepreneur Marc Hardgrove
Air Date: April 21, 2015

0 From his pro wrestling career to partnering with Hulk Hogan to promote PostAMania at Affiliate Summit and much more are discussed as Jeremy Schoemaker speaks 1-on-1 with Former Pro Wrestler Turned Serial Entrepreneur Marc Hardgrove.

Multi-Level Marketing Done Right with Jonathan Cronstedt
Air Date: April 14, 2015

0 Jonathan Cronstedt is the CEO of Empower Network speaks to Jeremy Schoemaker about the theory of how it is More About the Relationship Than Making Money. Plus he discusses outsourcing, and multi-level marketing done right for customers and employees.