10 SEO Myths and Lies You Should Never Believe

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Daron and Chris run down a list from a MarketingLand article breaking down the 10 Lies You Should Never Believe From SEO Gurus. Promising customers The number 1 Position on Google, links, Duplicated Content, keyword stuffing are just some the myths the Rockstars break down.

Matt Cutts Takes Work Leave; Author Photos Being Removed in SERPS

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Google webspam team leader Matt Cutts is taking a leave of absence.. Google is getting rid of author photos in the SERPS according to John Mueller. Google Founders Talk About Ending the 40-Hour Work Week  and Bing Aims to Become Exclusive Twitter Search Engine

Google: Shuts Down Orkut; Removes Links Under Right to be Forgotten

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Google Finally Shuts Down Orkut, Its First Social Network and begins removing links under right to be forgotten ruling. Jim and Daron are joined by Internet Marketing Ninjas Ann Smarty and Thom Craver to join in on the discussion.

Google Registering Domains and Offers Web Hosting; Adding Schema Markup Is Important For Search Engines

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Google is quietly testing a service for registering domains as Google Calls New gTLDs Domain Endings, Offers Web Hosting Google Panda 4.0 Hit Sites Blocking CSS and JavaScript  and Bings Duane Forrester Says Adding Schema Markup Is Important For Search Engines 

Yandex Not Provided and Google Payday Loan Algorithm 3.0 Release

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Daron, Jim and Chris discuss the release of the Google Payday Loan 3.0 algorithm which is meant to target spammy queries over spammy sites. They also talk about how Yandex has begun encrypting 100 percent of searches done through Yandex, meaning webmasters with traffic from Yandex, to be labeled as not provided in their analytics.

Google Will Not Devalue Links Soon; History and Value of Links

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Google Will Not Devalue Links Soon Says Matt Cutts in a recent video, which leads Jim and Chris to talk about History and Value of Links. Also, Duane Forrester offers us linkbuilding tips on his Behind Bing segment.

Matt Cutts New Video on Ranking Content; Google Panda 4.0; DuckDuckGo gets some Apple love

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 Chris and Jim discuss A new Matt Cutts video about how to rank content where he talks about how can content be ranked if there aren’t many links to it and we learn what the community is saying about it. Plus, talk about Google Panda 4.0  and search engine DuckDuckGo gets some Apple love .

Demise of Google Plus; Overlap Between Social and Search

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Daron ,Jim and Chris discuss how Google+ will no longer be considered a product, but a platform — essentially ending its competition with other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.Plus, Duane ForresterBing’s Senior Product Manager discusses Overlap between Social and Search in his Behind Bing segment. 

Conductor CEO Seth Besmertnik: Why Paid Media is Dead, Advocates Web Presence Management

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Seth Besmertnik, the CEO of Conductor explains why publicly declared paid media is dead and he advocates going after free web traffic with an idea called web presence management and releases a new product to help retailers do it. He tells us about the new Conductor Searchlight marketing platform equipped with integrated tools to help with reputation management and content analytics to help brands capture consumers early in the purchase cycle.

Google and Bing Debunking SEO Myths; Acting on Paid Links and Content Farms

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Chris ansd Jim discuss as Google Senior Engineer Matt Cutts Debunks SEO Myths  and explains how Google Regrets Not Acting Faster On Paid Links and Content Farms , plus Bing: Unnatural Links = Advanced Knowledge Of Links  and Bing Senior Product Manager Duane Forrester  Debunks 10 SEO Myths .