Google Says New TLDs Have No Inherent Search Ranking Advantage; SEOs Required To Take Polygraph Lie Detector Tests

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Google: New TLDs Have No Inherent Search Ranking Advantage ; Google Preps Shopping Site to Challenge Amazon -; SEOs Required To Take Polygraph Lie Detector Tests;
‘Yahoo Starts Prompting Chrome Users To Upgrade To Firefox’

Negative SEO Tactics, Google Panda and Penguin Helps SEOs

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Chris, Jim and guest panelist Frank Watson covered recent reports about negative SEO being done without links. Chris Boggs cited a SEMPost article that details bots that were creating excessive load demands on sites causing the search engine spiders to downgrade their page load speeds and lower their rankings.

Jim Boykin and guest Frank Watson discussed how some companies were creating searches and clicks for competitor sites that improved their appearance to the search engines and got them to rank better for terms that others that were not getting those clicks suffered from lower CTRs.

Opinion was also given about how Google’s major algorithm updates – Panda and Penguin – have helped get more work for many SEOs.

Bing and Yahoo Follow Google in Right to Be Forgotten; Google Confirms Penguin Thanksgiving Rollout

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Bing and Yahoo Follow Google in ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Takedowns; Google Confirms Penguin Rollout Continued Into Thanksgiving Day; Twitter Testing View Analytics Link From Within Individual Mobile Tweets; Update on Google Not Indexing Legitimately Hidden Content on Webpages;  Google PageRank Will Likely Not Update Again;  Google Sending Out Defamation Removal From Search Notices to Webmasters.

Affiliates Learn About White Hat Black Hat SEO

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Were looking back at a white hat black hat SEO panel from the Affiliate Convention Denver show from June 2009. Daron hosts a SEO panel targeted towards questions asked by affiliates from the live audience. Daron is accompanied by search marketing veterans  Dave Snyder and Frank Watson.

Google Search Results Are Free Speech in the U.S; Google Rolling Out Mobile Friendly Label

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Google rolling out  Mobile Friendly label ; Google Search Results Are Free Speech in the U.S. Is Google Penalizing Websites With Disallowed Pages?  Google Rewrites Quality Rating Guide – Refresh Yourself on What SEOs Should Know; Googles DoubleClick Outage Affected 55,000 Websites For Nearly Two Hours ; .Google News Testing Tiny Video Thumbnails Alongside Images.

Duane Forrester , Matt Cutts and the SEO Spokespeople Changeup

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Amazon Echo; Facebook and Google Fight Ebola

SEO Rockstars host Chris Boggs had guest Frank Watson on for a lively discussion on recent search engine personnel changes. Bing search evangelist Duane Forrester was let go last week much to the surprise of most industry people.

Forrester had just won the US Search personality of the year at Las Vegas PubCon 2014. The pair noted it could be indicative of Bing’s admission of not being able to challenge Google’s search dominance and the company’s decision to concentrate on search apps and leave the rest to Google.
Google Spam Czar Matt Cutts recently announced he was extending his leave of absence – Matt has been on vacation for nearly 6 months and announced he was not planning on returning to his position – looking to find another project to take on when or if he gets back.
Amazon’s Echo devices came under some criticism for being an ever present ear in your home logging all comments and possibly prepping future search suggestions when looking for things online – especially through Amazon. This intrusion was also reflected in Google’s report of what days people were more hungover by how often people searched about the terms.
Google’s statement that buying links for traffic but sending them to a separate site and then redirecting that site to your main site – as suggested by John Mueler from Google – came under some criticism as it seemed like cloaking.
The begging for money from users by Facebook and Google for the Ebola situation was also discussed.

Google to Penalize For Not Disclosing CSS and Javascript; Google and Their Poor Treatment on Small Businesses

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Chris welcomes guest host Frank Watson aka Aussiewebmaster on to discuss the recent post on the Official Google blog reporting the search giant will now be penalizing sites for not disclosing their CSS and Javascript files. The discussion noted how previously Google wanted clean pages with text being the concentration and code that potentially slowed page load or interfered with their bots being not liked by Google. Now apparently Google wants the access to this information but instructs website owners to compress the information.

Watson said he would not be doing any changes until others went through and started reporting impact. He likened it to the recent decision by Google to prefer https sites which was later said not to have an impact on rankings.
In other news discussed the poor treatment of small businesses by Google – as noted in – was mentioned particularly how Adwords is set up in such a way that spends can initially hurt small businesses who do not know how to set up an account and leave on the default settings. The recent changes to the Google algorithm and the decrease in small businesses actually showing in localized results was also noted.
A final nod was given by Chris Boggs to Bings ability to have searches on emojis. The search engine had recently added the ability to search by an smiley code to explain what it was.

Google Penguin 3.0 Worldwide Rollout; Google Deals with Spam For User Generated Content; Web Traffic Advisors Launched

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Google Penguin 3.0: Worldwide Rollout Still In Process, Impacting 1 Percent Of English Queries;  Google Admits Spam Is A Hard Problem For User Generated Content Sites;  Google Now Testing Mobile-Friendly Text Notices In Search Results. Also Chris announces his newly launched independent consulting venture, Web Traffic Advisors

Thoughts About Pubcon 2014; Google Not Updating PageRank Anymore? How About Google PageRank Alternatives

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Jim and Chris give their  thoughts about Pubcon 2014 in Las Vegas,  Google not updating PageRank Anymore and some Google PageRank Alternatives. Plus, Google Penguin 3.0:  Is It Too Late To Disavow Links Once They Show In Google Webmaster Tools.

Goodbye Orkut and the Yahoo Directory

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Chris welcomes Frank Watson of Kangamurra Media discuss some stories that flashback to the closing of two throwback platforms. Plus, Switching to HTTPS Will Not Increase Your Search Rankings; Google Panda 4.1 Now Rolling Out; Aims To Help Smaller Web Sites; Bye Bye Yahoo Directory;  Fare well, Orkut, the story of Googles first attempt at a social network .