WordPress 3.0 Preview

February 22, 2010


WordPress Core Developer Mark Jaquith, BuddyPress developer John Jacoby and head of User Experience Jane Wells preview the eminent launch of WordPress 3.0, including how it has been catered for SEOs, its security modifications, and more.


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  3. Thought I should clear up something that was mentioned at the end of the episode in regards to Drupal.

    Leisa Reichelt and Mark Boulton were hired by Acquia to work on Drupal 7 usability, they used WordPress to collaborate on the project because they didn’t have experience with Drupal. They were hired to give an outsiders perspective. And yes they said they’d switch to Drupal in a year if usability improved, the reason they haven’t switched is because Drupal 7 hasn’t been released yet.

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