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SEM Synergy offers SEM professionals of all levels a one-stop weekly digest for industry news, SEO tactics and trends, with input from high-profile experts. Host Bruce Clay, a name synonymous with ethical and effective SEO, leads lively, weekly discussions on digital marketing hot topics. With co-hosts Virginia Nussey, Mindy Weinstein, Kristi Kellogg and Robert Ramirez, the Bruce Clay, Inc. team analyzes the latest search algorithm updates, shares the latest organic and paid search strategies, and reports on social media tactics that digital marketers can use for a successful, multifaceted campaign. SEM Synergy brings SEO, PPC, branding, design, content and analytics data analysis together for a holistic view of integrated digital marketing today. Visit for show notes, in-depth articles, tactical guides, search engine news, and contact info for the SEM Synergy team. Connect with us on Twitter @SEMSynergy and on Facebook at

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Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2015; The State of SEO in Asia
Air Date: February 4, 2015

0 Virginia Nussey discusses Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2015 with Neil Patel,  the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar,  KISSmetrics and Sprout. Also , Virginia is joined Kristi Kellogg, Paula Allen, and John Alexander to discuss how they were visited by international members of the Bruce Clay team on the State of SEO […]

Bruce Clay Makes 2015 Annual SEO Industry Predictions
Air Date: January 29, 2015

0 2015 Annual SEO Industry Predictions as  Bruce Clay, Virginia Nussey and Mindy Weinstein go through the list of nine predictions by Bruce Clay on mobile, local, video, voice search, and shifts in the Internets dominant players.

Are Google Domains a Good Idea From a SEO Perspective; SEJ Summit 2015 Showcased
Air Date: January 21, 2015

0 Are Google Domains a Good Idea from a SEO perspective, and how this move might be to make Google go head to head with GoDaddy. Plus, we hear about the upcoming SEJ Summit 2015 with Kelsey Jones, the Managing Editor at Search Engine Journal.

What is Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing Going to be Like in 2015?
Air Date: January 7, 2015

0 What is Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing  going to be like in 2015? Bruce Clay welcomes Virginia Nussey, Michael Shore and Rob Ramirez  to discuss what they see is on the horizon. They look into Google AdWords Editor Version 11 and they discuss a blog post by Neil Patel laying 10 Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in […]

Link Building Strategies and Planning
Air Date: December 31, 2014

0 Julie Joyce, talks about tactics for link building on a budget, the lasting effect of a good reputation, and how to deal with the long life cycle of link building when clients expect results. Plus we learn about some  Link Building Strategies with Eric Ward, a link marketing specialist with a reputation as Link Moses, […]

In House SEO Consulting and Strategy with Jessica Bowman and Tony Adam
Air Date: December 24, 2014

0 Virginia speaks wth in-house SEO consultan Jessica Bowman. Jessica shares creative ways to generate organization-wide excitement about SEO initiatives, signals to recognize when enthusiasm is fading, and ways to return to the dreamy honeymoon phase where spirits are high and SEO has a foothold. Also Virginia discusses  In-House SEO Strategy with internet entrepreneur and advisor  Tony […]

Mobile Optimization Changes, Challengers to Google Search Market Share and Other SEO Predictions for 2015
Air Date: December 17, 2014

0 Bruce, Virginia, Rob and Mindy discuss how will the role of mobile optimization be changed  in 2015, when it comes to responsive design and Google embracing dynamic content. The Bruce Clay team also look what challenges Google might encounter against search engines, such as changes like the Firefox support of Yahoo, and how they will  play a role […]

Google My Business Guidelines Rewritten; Losers to Google Penguin: Large Multi-Location Brands
Air Date: December 10, 2014

1 Google has rewritten their My Business guidelines, Bruce explains with Rob and Virginia how he calls  this move evolutionary and that it benefits Google with the results of their local directory listings. Also, Virginia discusses how  large, multi-location brands found that their traffic dropped after Google released its Pigeon algorithm which he wrote about in a Search […]

Google Thanksgiving Shuffle Rankings by Penguin; Social Media and Content Marketing Strategies with Ric Dragon
Air Date: December 3, 2014

0 Bruce, Virginia and Rob Ramirez discuss search news from over the Thanksgiving holidays Google shuffled search rankings thanks to another updated rollout of Google Penguin Plus, Virginia speaks with CEO and co-founder of DragonSearch and Social Media Process Master Ric Dragon who offers some tips based on his Ford Motor Company study published in the book […]

Changing World of Search Marketing and Online Marketing; Psychology of Writing to a Target Audience
Air Date: November 26, 2014

0 Mike Moran, co-author of Search Engine Marketing Inc talks to Virginia about the new edition of the book and the changing online marketing space. Plus, Virginia talks to Heather Lloyd-MaMike Moran, co-author of Search Engine Marketing Inc talks to Virginia about the new edition of the book and the changing online marketing space. Plus, […]