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Search Engine Marketing formulated for Web 2.0, Learn how SEO, PPC, branding, design and analytics are all parts of a much larger whole every week on SEM Synergy. Hosted by Bruce Clay, president and founder of the international SEO and SEM company Bruce Clay, Inc., SEM Synergy features industry experts discussing how the various fields of search engine marketing work together for a successful, multifaceted campaign. SEM Synergy will feature developing topics and industry news, answers to listener questions and our favorite experts and voices in search talking about what they know best. SEM Synergy offers SEM professionals of all levels a one-stop weekly digest for news, SEO tactics and trends, along with input from high-profile experts. Be sure to log on to for show notes, event calendar, contact info and more.

Latest Show Episodes & Updates

Google Penguin 3.0 Update: No Shock and Awe; Google Announcements: Away from Blogs, More to Google Plus
Air Date: October 29, 2014

0 Bruce explains why the Google Penguin 3.0 Update  didnt shock and awe with any radical shifts or changes as others expected and why its not done yet! Plus, Virginia looks into the recent trend of Google announcements and how they have not been getting made through their respective blogs, but in the form of Google + posts […]

Ben Huh on What Metrics Matter Most; How The Oatmeal Brainstorms Brilliant Comics
Air Date: October 22, 2014

0 What metrics matter most to the community mastermind behind I Can Has Cheezburger as we revisit an interview with Ben Huh. Plus, How does the Oatmeal brainstorm his brilliant comics? A 2008 interview with founder Matt Inman reveals Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Content Marketing, Renaming Search Marketers and the Google Answer Box
Air Date: October 15, 2014

0 Virgina and Mindy welcome Rob Ramirez and Kristi Kellogg to catch up on some of the latest search and scoial headlines coming out of SMX East 2014 and Pubcon 2014. They discussed content marketing, social search, blog management and  tools for copywriting and content writing. They also discussed the evolution and the idea of […]

Google Partner Answers Google AdWords and Analytics Questions; Google Announces Structured Snippets
Air Date: October 8, 2014

0 We learn about how Google reps representing the Google Partner program answered Google AdWords and Analytics Questions at the Bruce Clay booth at PubCon 2014. Plus a discussion on what goes hot on Google + Also,  Google recently announced Structured Snippets, the latest collaboration between Google Research and the Web Search team employing that data […]

SMX East 2014: Susan Esparza on Retargeting and Mesurement; Branding Data Visualization with Annie Cushing
Air Date: October 1, 2014

0 On location from SMX East 2014 in New York,  Virginia catches up with former co-host Susan Esparza, now working as a Content Strategist for Trueffect. She explains how Trueffect specializes in first-party targeting and measurement.  She also talks about how retargeting is good when it is put into context. She also discusses how she is back into […]

SMX East, PubCon Vegas: Conference Season is Here! Content Marketing Strategies
Air Date: September 25, 2014

0 Virgina and Mindy welcome Bruce Clay content writer Kristi Kellogg as they lay out their plans for covering SMX East 2014 in New York and PubCon 2014 in Las Vegas. They also discuss a recently penned content marketing book by Bruce Clay entitled Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals shows How to Use Content Marketing […]

What To Do With Useless Authorship Markup: Keeping Up with SERP Formatting Changes
Air Date: September 17, 2014

0 Google has ended its Authorship program and Authorship markup is no longer supported in web search. Given the announcement, Bruce recommends what to do with what he calls useless authorship markup. SERP formatting changes including changes to title tags and characters and the like are also looked at. Podcast: Play in new window | […]

Apple WWDC 2014 and the Future of Wearable Tech; Balancing Online Privacy and Identity
Air Date: September 10, 2014

0 Following the Announcements Made at Apples WWDC 2014, the Bruce Clay team discusses the Future of Wearable Tech and how revolutionary the future as opposed to being evolutionary. They also discuss Apple Pay and how it allows iPhone 6 users to pay in stores and within apps safe and secure. They also discuss maintaining […]

Editorial Guidelines for Including SEO Into Your Content; Bruce Clay Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Air Date: September 3, 2014

0 Editorial guidelines for including SEO into your content, from writing descriptive headlines to creating an overall formula for building good searchable content. Also, the Bruce Clay team has been called out to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Bruce Clay SEO Training at SMX East 2014; Phrase and Exact Keyword Match No More in Google AdWords
Air Date: August 27, 2014

0 Bruce previews his upcoming SEO Training course to be held at SMX East 2014, where he will share SEO methodology, concepts and strategies.  Plus, Virginia, Mindy and Bruce discuss how there is no longer any More Phrase and Exact Keyword Match in Google AdWords. Finally, we learn how the Bruce Clay website has recently […]