Balancing Workload and Maintaining Image and Reputation for Business

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Balancing Workload and Maintaining Image and Reputation for Business as Michelle Stinson-Ross speaks with Jennifer Evans Cario, the founder and President of SugarSpun Marketing, following up on her presentation on Badass Blogging: Best Practices to Enhance Your Customer Reach

Aggresive SEO and Online Reputations

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Talking Aggressive SEO and Online Reputations as we speak with Five Blocks CEO Sam Michelson. We learn about the recently launched iPhone App called Reputation that allows companies to track their brand online, as well as a program for Hedge Funds to help them do preventative work on their online reputations.

Outspoken Media Profiled

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Rae Hoffman is CEO and Co-Founder of Outspoken Media, which offers clients a comprehensive mix of SEO consulting, social media services, content creation, online reputation management, affiliate marketing and SEO training services.

Social Search and Distributive Reputation Systems

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Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner of Connectual and Marshall Clark
Group Director of Search for Organic, Inc. discuss their respective SES Chicago 2009 panel presentations on social search and distributive reputation systems.