Google Real Time Search Talk Continues

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Bas and Roy are joined by special guest, Orange Valley SEO Consultant Eduard Blacquiere, and they discusses the latest with Google Real Time Search, and express their fondness for Google Vice President, Search Products and User Experience Marissa Mayer.

Let Google Help with Link Building

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Bas and Roy recap their experience at SES Berlin 2009 and highlight some of the panels that stood out for them, plus some Misconceptions Regarding Black Hat SEO and they are joined by guest Arjan Snaterse, an SEO and Front-end manager at Jaludo Group B.V., who discusses how he is using Google to help you with your link building.

LinkedIn follows removed and Google Bombs return

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Bas works with Roy who is working without internet service, to discuss the upcoming SES Berlin 2009 conference, Google bombs are back, plus how LinkedIn removed follows and added Twitter integration.

Google Dashboard and Twitter Lists

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Bas van den Beld and Roy Huiskes discuss the integrated Google Dashboard. Converse about ease of use of Twitter lists.

Google and Bing Search Deals with Twitter

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Bas and Roy go over the recent Google and Bing search deals each have landed with with Twitter, plus UK-based SEO Will Critchlow talks about the new Google Analytics features.

Google Removes PageRank From Webmaster Tools

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Bas and Roy discuss the headlines including: Google Removes PageRank Data From Webmaster Tools, Facebook is conquering Europe, plus they recap A4u Expo London 2009.

Will Bloggers Pay for YouTube Videos

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Bas and Roy discuss Google keeping unblurred images for a year, Google Wave now on the iPhone, and Will bloggers have to pay for YouTube videos?

Plus we learn about the Block Buma Crawler WordPress plugin, capable of keeping computers outside of your WordPress installation, that are blacklisted via this plugin.

Paid and Organic Search Research Study

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Lisa Ditlefsen-Myers, Bio Director of Verve Search and SEO Chick extraordinaire, and Jon Myers, Head of Search for MediaVest, discuss Google Wave, conference appearances, television being passed by by online advertising.

They also discuss the results of a research study from dutch company First Focus and ValueWait that found out 45 percent of those who use Google cannot see the difference between what is a paid and what is an organic result.

Searching More with Google

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Bas and Roy look into Comscore research on how The world is searching more with Google, plus learn about legal actions Google is facing, Google Wave and how market shares are doing.