Big Data, Cloud Services and Social Media

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We are introduced to integrated sales platform Kitedesk with its CRO Sean Burke. KiteDesk integrates big data, cloud services and social media to improve marketing, sales and hiring.

Integrated Marketing and Sales with Shawn Elledge

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Integrated Marketing and Sales talk as Mike and Lori talk to Shawn Elledge. Founder of Integrated Marketing Summit and Co Founder of DemandCon.

Sales Success and Customer Loyalty

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Sales Success and Customer Loyalty are on topic as Mike and Lori welcome Noah Rickun, a Gitomer Certified/Audience Approved Speaker who delivers customized and personalized seminars on sales and customer loyalty.

How Rock and Roll is Tied to LinkedIn

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Matthew Schnedl is the Band Manager of The LinkedIn Rockstars at Integrated Alliances: Home of The LinkedIn Rockstar and The LinkedIn Diva.

He fills us in on his previous work as a former touring rock musician as well as his work with the LinkedIn training programs Mike and Lori host for sales performance enhancement.

Social Network Sales Training with Dean DeLisle

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Social Network Sales Training with Dean DeLisle, Social Network Sales Trainer and Coach, Author, Speaker and CEO at Forward Progress, a a company that responds to the needs and challenges of small and mid-size businesses.