Return Policy

There are no refunds allowed, however if you are not happy and notify us within 60 days of the beginning of your campaign of your dissatisfaction…we will amend your campaign to add 2 additional months to your original insertion order. The campaign will then be modified further to meet or exceed your goals.

Before your account will begin, you must also sign an insertion order before your first ad will run. Your billing cycle will not change if it takes an extraordinary amount of time to sign & return your insertion order or approve your ad once produced.


If you choose to cancel your campaign, you must conform to these cancellation guidelines. Cancellations must be received in writing to, and within 20 days of the end of your campaign or your account will auto-renew for an additional term to match the insertion order originally executed with us and to automatically recur on the credit card used for your first insertion order with us.

We pride ourselves in fast turn around time, so your dollar isn’t wasted and your campaign maximized.

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