Google Conversion Optimizer

April 6, 2009


Is Google Conversion Optimizer the best-kept secret in PPC? Hear how this amazing free tool works, and how you can operate it to increase lower-cost conversions!


4 Responses to “Google Conversion Optimizer”

  1. ppc says:

    Nice post! I

  2. Dan Perach says:

    great interview.

    any changes in geotargeting with CO… cities, states?

    conversion times?

    I have recently moved “tier two” kws into separate adgroup, so that I can adjust cpa accordingly. tier 2 are engagement kws, that do not necessarily result in immediate hard conversions.

  3. Dan Perach says:

    Has Conversion Optimizer evolved to track geotargeting at the city or state level now?

    How about time of day?

    this post helps for hourly conversions if not…

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