Economics and Myths of Quality Score

July 20, 2009

Craig Danuloff of Click Equations discusses a recent blog post on Economics of Quality Score which discusses how much a particular quality score costs or benefits in real money.

They also discusses the myths of quality Score idea including landing pages helping quality score, the importance of over-grouping keywords, and one were we have disagreed about using keywords in ad copy.


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  2. Chris Gale says:

    Loved this discussion today especially at 11:20
    “people should be re-writing their ads and getting better click-through rates which is the mother of all drivers for quality score” and in reference to that “people should stop working on all of the nickel and dime optimizations when there are $50 optimizations out there”

    and again at 12:45
    Google let’s people vote on quality. A quality is what’s defined as what satisfies users. If users click on an add and your version of the keyword more than anyone else’s THAT is a high quality add. It doesn’t matter if your landing page is all black with a white x in the middle if everyone clicks through on your keyword.

    I am geeking out today on this since we automate the writing and testing of ads. Thank you Craig for a great interview!

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