Victory Programs for Recovery, Hope and Community

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Byron speaks with Joe Carleo, who runs Victory Programs, which opens doors to recovery, hope and community to individuals and families facing homeless, addiction or other chronic illnesses.

Professional Freelance Writing Tips

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Catherine Tully one of the top freelance writers with Life Tips, gives our freelance community some invaluable tips and insight into what it takes to make it as a professional freelancer.

Craigslist meets Ebay with RunMyErrand

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Its Craigslist meets Ebay as we talk with Leah Busque, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of, an online community of Errand Senders and Errand Runners joining together to get things done.

Community Tweeting

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Tom O Keefe of BostonTweet tells us how he has created an interactive community forum and the city of Boston is quickly jumping on board via viral marketing and notably using Twitter. He tell us about the popularity of this new type of tweeting, and how other communities can get on board with this great concept.

Being Better Freelance Writers

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Joe Wallace, long time guru with LifeTips and blogger who runs, a community for freelance writers looking to share tips, stories and lessons on how to be a better freelance writer. Joe brings his experience to the table by teaching our freelancers how to give themselves the edge that could score the next great gig.

Envrionmentally Intelligent

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Kerul Kassel speaks about her latest book Productive Procrastination, plus she discuss her work as a green homeowner and how she lives in an envrionmentally intelligent community and what she does to stay green.