Poverty Sucks: How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire

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From Homeless teen to Self-Made Millionaire, Investor, business consultant and the author of Poverty Sucks: How to Become a Self-Made Millionaire, Aimee Elizabeth recounts her amazing rags to riches story.

Great Attitudes, Teamwork And a Sense of Humor with Nick Arnette

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Byron speaks with the author of Me, We and Glee: How to have a great attitude, work as a team, and keep your sense of humor, Nick Arnette. Nick discusses the value of encouragement and have a few laughs
along the way, especially in the workplace.

High Expectations Are The Key To Everything With Michael Bergdahl

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Internationally Acclaimed Leadership Speaker, Best Selling Author, and former Walmart Executive Michael Bergdahl discuses his book, High Expectations Are The Key To Everything. Michael discusses the story of his wife Sheryls life-changing, paralyzing stroke and how he looks to help others who are facing some kind of adversity in their lives.

Inside the Mind of Alzheimers Disease with Greg O Brien

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ON PLUTO: Inside the Mind of Alzheimers author Greg O Brien, a veteran newspaper and magazine investigative reporter, and publisher on coping with the diagnosis of Early Onset Alzheimers Disease. The book offers a patient perspective of living with the condition, the symptom burden, longitudinal course of the disease and the impact on family.

Grammy Winner and Author Lani Hall Alpert Shares Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories

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Making a choice between an enticing stranger and a distant husband, Staggering under the influence of an incompetent psychotherapist, Deciding whether to continue a lifelong career, Braving the truth about your husband and your marriage, Confronting unexpected reactions to cosmetic surgery. These situations ansd more are featured in the new book, Emotional Memoirs and Short Stories, and Byron speaks the author, Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter and author Lani Hall Alpert, the wife of legendary musician Herb Alpert.

The book illuminates the ever-shifting changes between dark and light in womens lives set against the backdrop of Hall Alperts native city of Chicago. These vivid tales shed light on what it means for a woman to take back her power in a variety of situations familiar to women

Stop Tweeting Your Spouse: Fall in Love Again, Every Day

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Fall in Love Again, Every Day Authors Laura Berger and Glen Tibaldeo help listeners to learn to Stop Tweeting Your Spouse. Learn how to avoid meaningful conversation that doesnt need to be limited to 140 characters or less.

Career-Shifting in America: Staying Relevant in Existing Careers and Getting Remade

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Former Hollywood Studio, Toy Industry and Advertising Executive Pat Pattison talks about the huge trend of career-shifting in America and how individuals stay relevant in existing careers and remaking themselves in rapidly changing times. He tel us how he remade his career by transitioning into a TV host, commercial actor and print model.

Cure Overwhelm Now – Slashing the Stress with Travis Cody

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Byron speaks with entrepreneur and best-selling author of his second book, Cure Overwhelm Now – Slash the Stress, Get More Done…and Have More Fun Travis Cody. The book highlights his venture into a world without cell phone, computer, Internet, television and radio usage for thirty days

Avoid the Dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Theresa Dale

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Dr. Theresa Dale, President of The Wellness Center and Dean and Founder of the California College of Natural Medicine and Revitalize Your Hormones, and Transform Your Emotional DNA. discusses the process of revitalizing your hormones naturally to avoid the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dont Google Your Symptoms: Understanding Cyberchondria

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The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it can also make a doctors job more difficult. Imagine patients who are overly concerned about diseases obsessing about symptoms and going online to self-diagnose. Board-Certified Family Physician and Licensed Clinical Psychologist George D. Zgourides, M.D., Psy.D. explains this phenomenon called Cyberchondria.