Being Better Freelance Writers

October 28, 2009

Joe Wallace, long time guru with LifeTips and blogger who runs, a community for freelance writers looking to share tips, stories and lessons on how to be a better freelance writer. Joe brings his experience to the table by teaching our freelancers how to give themselves the edge that could score the next great gig.



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  1. Hi Joe and Amanda,

    Though I missed the live show, I just listened to the download and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have provided great insight and encouraging advice for freelance writers. Still in the early stages of my freelance writing career, it is important for me to listen to those that have come before me so I will gain solid knowledge about the industry to help me grow as a writer. On my website I encourage freelancers to do the same. I look forward to getting better acquainted with Freelance-Zone and reading more of your posts.

    Thanks for sharing!

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