Social Networks Role in Marketing & Branding

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Part 2 of Katies interview with Ajaz Ahmed , chairman and cofounder of AKQA, and he discusses his work with great brands and clientele, plus he gives his take on what entrepreneurs need to do to build new businesses. We also hear his take on the role of social networks on marketing and branding

Product Development & Brand Driven Innovation

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Jonah Disend talks about product development and brand driven innovation and the importance of research and development in order to develop a new product, plus how does marketing fit into the equation.

Jonah is the founder of Redscout, whose brand-driven approach to innovation helps them create brand-credible and actionable solutions to extend existing brands into new territory and create new to the world brands that resonate with consumers.

Marketing and Blogging

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Marketing Magazine reporter Jeromy Lloyd compares and contrasts his work in writing and blogging about marketing, advertising and public relations, plus he discusses the steps taken to printing a viable story.

Relevancy of Print Media

March 13, 2007 by  
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Holly Sanders, business reporter for the New York Post, the nations fifth largest paper, debates the relevancy of print media in today’s online world.

Branded Production

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Katie interviews David Rolfe, Production Director of Content at DDB Chicago, where he oversees all broadcast and branded production at one of the world’s most awarded agencies.