Publishing Entertainment Weekly

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Publishing the magazine Entertainment Weekly and the magazines publisher Scott Donaton talks to us about what he does to lead the magazine as Americas leading consumer magazine of entertainment and popular culture.

Direct and Digital Response

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Miles Nadal, head of MDC Partners, discusses how the companys prinicipal focus is on digital and direct response and areas other than traditional advertising areas like Public Relations Branding, Strategic Marketing, Consulting plus other marketing and communication disciplines.

Creative Management Roles in Ad Agencies

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Teressa Iezzi, Editor of Creativity Magazine, discusses Creatve Management Roles in Ad Agencies and why there are not more women holding top-level creative postions in ad agencies, plus she tells us about the redesign of Creativity Magazine and Creativity Online, plus she previews the upcoming IDEA Conference.

Marketing Change & Consumer Behavior

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Talking Marketing Change, Consumer Behavior and Brands with Rob Walker, the author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are, and he talks to us about the change of marketing and the decline of the value of the 30 second ad, plus he discusses the Amercian Apparel Ad Controversy.

Advertising Week Preview 2008

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Advertising Week 2008 Executive Director Matt Scheckner previews North Americas largest gathering of advertising and media professionals and it brings together individuals from a broad range of disciplines to participate in discussions, conferences, panels and other special events designed to highlight the issues facing the industry and celebrate its societal contributions.

Streaming Media and Internet TV

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Talking Streaming Media with Mike Smith, CMO of AmericaFree.TV, a provider of Internet TV services offering 20 channels of free content, he tells us about the technology that they use and the kind of programming that they are working on.

Advertising Industry Reporting

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Advertising Industry Reporting with Advertising Age Editor at Large Matt Creamer as he discusses integrity and responsibility of journalists and bloggers when it comes to the reporting process including coordinating with PR Sources and filing accurate stories.

Social Networks Role in Marketing & Branding

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Part 2 of Katies interview with Ajaz Ahmed , chairman and cofounder of AKQA, and he discusses his work with great brands and clientele, plus he gives his take on what entrepreneurs need to do to build new businesses. We also hear his take on the role of social networks on marketing and branding

Digital Marketing Brands

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Discussing Digital Marketing Brands with Ajaz Ahmed , chairman and cofounder of AKQA as he tells us about what the future holds for AKQA, break down his leadership strategy, plus the opportunities of working with incredible clients and brands.

Cannes Lions 2008 Recap

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A Recap the Cannes Lions 2008, with Crispin Porter and Bogusky co executive creative director and partner Andrew Keller, who had the opportunity to judge the Titanium Lion Award, plus USA Today Advertising Columnist Theresa Howard tells us what she got from covering the event