10 Keys to Unlock Potential of Organizations

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Gordon offers up a season finale giving us what he took out of the guests he interviewed with topics ranging from organizational success and their potential in company and in their employees, organization growth, and changes in mangement and strategies. Gordon offers 10 Keys to Unlock Potential of Organizations.

Awakenings Coaching

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Arjuna Ardagh introduces us to Awakening Coaching ,discussing the awakening of consciousness in this time of accelerated change in a way that is reliable, practical, and respectful of the integrity of each individual.

Innovation Management with Gifford Pinchot

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Gifford Pinchot is an author, speaker and consultant on innovation management. We learn about his book called INTRAPRENEURING, which is defined the ground rules for an emerging field of enterprise: the courageous pursuit of new ideas in established organizations.

Leadership Empathy and Inspiration

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Returning guest the Author of Leading Out Load, Inspiring Change Through Authentic Communication, Terry Pearce. He discusses his studies on Cross-Cultural Inspiration exploring the ways in which people are inspired without regard to their basic beliefs or cultures.

Genius Thinking with Michael J. Gelb

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Genius Thinking with Michael J. Gelb, internationally renowned author, speaker, and consultant and, yes, juggler , who helps individuals and organizations worldwide find innovative solutions to their most important challenges.

Learning from Business Crisis

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Learning from Business Crisis with Dov Frohman, Co-Author, Leadership the Hard Way and Founder of Intels operations in Israel. Plus he helps us to discern wisdom and intuition and what to gain from knowledge.

Assessing Culture and Employer Branding

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Libby Sartain, Author of Brand From the Inside: Eight Essentials to Emotionally Connect Your Employees to Your Business, discusses assessing culture and employer branding.

Core Group Theory

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Core Group Theory discussion with bestselling author Art Kleiner. Kleiner reveals that every organization is driven by a desire to satisfy a Core Group of influential individuals and explains why understanding this group’s expectations is the key to success.

Employee Engagement and Tribal Culture

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WD-40 Company CEO Garry Ridge discusses employee engagement and the role that employees and leadership on how they feel about an organization, including how the company uses the concept of a tribal culture to serve that purpose.

Structures of Transcendence: Part Two

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Jonathan Willard, leading communications and branding consultant and Gordon Rudow, CEO of Bonfire Communications discuss the leader’s role in creating deep emotional connection for employees to enhance creativity, engagement and the bottom line.