Below you’ll find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to one of those burning questions you may have about WemasterRadio, leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to answer it. You might even make it onto the real F.A.Q. one day, but I don’t want to get your hopes up….

Is WebmasterRadio.fm on 24 hours a day?
Yes! WebmasterRadio.fm is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Player do I need to listen to WebmasterRadio.fm?
We aim to please, so we’ve made sure you can listen to WMR with pretty much any media player on the planet. We support Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp and pretty much any other streaming media players. Don’t have any of these programs? Then I suggest you trade in your Tandy 1000 in for a new computer.

The feed keeps buffering. What does that mean?
If your player says the feed is buffering, that means there is a slow connection and the audio isn’t getting to your player fast enough. If you’re on a fast connection, check the amount of bandwidth you’re using. If you are downloading or uploading a lot while trying to listen to the feed, it may cause buffering. If the problem persists, visit our Contact Page and send an email to support detailing your problems so that we can help you diagnose the problem and get you diving back into our streams!

I missed my favorite show, whill you play it again?
Absolutely, you can find a complete schedule on the home page that describes not only what shows air live today, but also…what will play in re-run for that day. You can also check the show in our index and it will list all air times on the right hand navigation. Then if you miss it when it airs live, or the re-run…there’s always the podcast. So don’t sweat…we won’t let ya miss a thing!

I can’t listen to my favorite show live. Can I listen to it later?
Absolutely, we always re-run our programs…so check out the schedule for that. Then all programs are dropped into an archive so you can listen to the podcast at your leisure.

Why aren’t there any new shows in the Hat’s Off archive? I want to hear more!
Hat’s Off was our first entertainment show that started out with us WAY back in 2004. Since then, Jessie has been on the road and growing her business and raising a horse…of course. We miss her on the air, but love to hang with her at the trade events. So if you miss Jessie, when you see her at a tradeshow…just tell her you’d love to hear her on the air again. We love you Jessie!

Can I listen to WMR in my car / ipod / motorboat / hot air balloon / Sherman Tank?
Thanks to the modern marvels of technology…YOU CAN! We push all of our content into RSS feeds that you can subscribe to with your favorite podcatcher of choice. This will allow you to listen on your iPod or MP3 player at your convenience. In addition to portable players, you can also listen to your favorite shows by subscribing to the MobilcastNetwork. You can the check us out on your cell phone. Since we will be in your pocket quite frequently…we promise not to tickle.

What’s this chatroom everyone keeps talking about and how do I find it?
The WMR chatroom is where you can interact with others who work online in the ecommerce marketplace just like you. There are numerous ways you can connect to chat with everyone, as listed below:
Use an IRC Client (http://www.mirc.com) and you can connect to our channel with these settings: IRC Server: irc.webmasterradio.fm Channel: #webmasterradio
Trillian: You can connect to our IRC channel via Trillian using the same server settings as above
Gaim: You can connect to our IRC channel via Gaim using the same server settings as #1 above
Desktop Application: It has our chatroom built into it too, and you can download it right here!
Click on the chat link in the navigation at the top of this site or CLICK HERE!

Ok, you just mentioned some Desktop Application above…what is it and are you spying on me?
Basically, its free live streaming radio to your desktop. That’s right! You’ll find at-a-glance schedule info, recently added podcasts, photos from recent events, the live chat room, a feature to send the application to a friend, auto detection of bandwidth for optimzal player speed and ALERTS! YES…ALERTS! We all love alerts. So, when we add new content to the site or to our photo feeds…you’ll know about it via a small icon that shows up down by your task bar. If you don’t know what it is yet, you will after you install it.

Ok, are we spying on you? Nope…in fact you can be safe knowing our Desktop Application is 100% free and clear of any spyware, adware, malware of any kind. This has been validated by CNet, as you can download the application thru them to be assured you are getting a clean product to provide you want you want…easy access to the best internet radio for ecommerce professionals.

I can’t login to the chat, what am I doing wrong?
You should check a couple of things based upon what method you are trying to use to enter the chatroom. If using mIrc, Gaim or Trillian…double check to make sure you have the proper IRC server settings input in the proper places.

Also, if using any method to access chat, sometimes your firewalls can disrupt chat. So make sure that port 6667 is open and you allow access for your chat client thru your firewall.

If you are attempting to use the web based chat interface, its a JAVA client and you must make sure that pop-ups are disabled on WebmasterRadio.FM so that you can get the security pop-up. When you do…click OK and you’re in! If you have any further difficulties, please visit our contact form and send an email to support.

DaveN said something that really offended me. How can I contact him?
Sorry, the bad news is…we can’t really control DaveN, just ask poor Mikkel. The good news is that we’ve made it easy for you to contact Dave and tell him exactly what you think! Just head on over to our Show Hosts page and click on Dave’s pretty face. Chances are, Dave will probably just laugh at you and delete your email, but its worth a shot.

There’s a broken link to one of the shows, who do I contact about fixing it?
Its very rare that we here at WebmasterRadio.FM make a mistake but if we do, we like to blame them on Eddie. If there seems to be a broken show link or wrong file under a wrong show name…it’s probably Eddie’s fault. Send him an email at the production contact on our contact page and you can let him know how displeased you are.

How do I sign up for the feeds in iTunes?
Open iTunes…search for your favorite show name…and hit the subscribe button. Viola!

I don’t use iTunes, so can I still subscribe to your feeds?
Yes, just use your favorite search engine and do a search for “podcatchers”. You’ll find any number of cool utilities that you can use to “catch our casts!” Then you can use one of those tools to easily subscribe and track our podcasts.

What the hell is a feed anyway?
You can find a simple explanation over at the Wikipedia. RSS has become a way of life for most active internet users. Not only a way of life…but very much a part of everyday life. Really Simple Syndication allows Bloggers, web site owners, and podcasters to easily syndicate their content to feed readers and podcatchers for content aggregation. In short…it’s really quite bitchin!

I keep hearing about Search Bash, what is it?
Search Bash has become known as one serious party that WebmasterRadio.FM has been organizing across the country and at numerous events including us saying…”screw it….lets go off to the islands and do this!” So we did. You can check out what we did last year for Search Bash Jamaica, by heading over to SearchBash.Com. If you attend Search Engine Strategies or SMX…or just like a good party, then listen to WebmasterRadio.FM for the good word about one of these great events. Hell, last time we threw in Sumo Wrestling. Not something one wants to miss.

How do I advertise with WebmasterRadio.FM? You guys are cool!
This is simple, you can visit our Advertising Section for more information including access to sample of our commercials, insertions orders, and details on our integrated ad campaigns.

Is it ok, to spell Greg Boser’s name like the monkey?
For the last time…”Like the Terrorist…Not the Monkey!” It’s WebGuerrilla damnit!

I’m not sure I’ve got the right stuff…but if I do, how do I become a show host on WebmasterRadio.FM?
We like to this we’re a tad picky around here. So we do like you to have a clue and also be able to talk and think at the same time. Ok, its not that difficult. Most all of our show hosts have never done radio before. So if you have an idea for a show, please visit our contact page and select “Show Idea” and send us your, well thought out idea. If we like it,

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