Why Ebiz Fails… and What to Do About It?

February 15, 2011

Unfortunately the cold heart truth is that many Ecommerce businesses will fail. So how do we avoid it? Chris Malta shares with us: What is the failure rate for Ecommerce business compared to bricks and mortar stores? Number one reason so many Ecommerce sites fail? Why do so many EBiz hopefuls just give up? What do you need to do to avoid this kind of failure?


One Response to “Why Ebiz Fails… and What to Do About It?”

  1. Chin-Ti Lin says:

    As always, the radio show is great and loud to potential eCommerce owners. Thus far I have been overwhelmed by the flood of current resource from the Internet, which has drained out what I have in pockets and mentally exhausted. I hope Chris could be the one to restore my collapsing confidence in pursuing eCommerce. Do you have more affordable yet trustworthy resource for eCmmmerce training?

    Thank you.

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