Using Blogs for New Domains; Diversifying your Domain Name Portfolio

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Using Blogs for New Domains with Breht Burri, a domainer and the president of the Domain Licensing Corporation a domain monetization and development company that manages a portfolio of approximately 3,000 Generic Domain Names.
Ron Sheridan discusses diversifying your domain name portfolio and his thoughts on the industry and how domainers do not have a major retail platform to seek out a premium domain.

SEO and Website Optimization; Rags to Riches

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Jake Bailie discusses SEO and website optimization from SES New York 2005 while Roy Lopez with his rags to riches story involving

Corporate Level Domain Management; The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive

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Breht Burri from Toobaroo joins Victor to discuss Enterprise/Corporate level domain management, acquisition and planning services. Monte talks to Bill Goss (Mr Lucky) about his book, The Luckiest Unlucky Man Alive and his stint in the U.S. Navy

Learn Everything a Beginning Domainer Needs to Know; ccTLDS a good investment?

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Are ccTLDS a good investment? Victor asks that questions and other as he speaks with guest Bruce Tedeschi, author of the book Domainers Complete Handbook. Also Jothan speaks to DNZoom founder Sean Stafford about his ebook DomainGraduate, Tapping the Online Mines, which offers everything a beginning domainer needs to know, including beginning investing, plus dealing with PayPal and setting up business models.

Selling Domains with Assets; Starting a Internet Business for under 5000 Dollars

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Selling Domains with Assets as Chris Leggatt is joined by Moniker senior executive Don Lyons to explain selling domains with assets. Starting a Internet Business for under 5000 Dollars as we learn 55 Surefire Internet Businesses You Can Start for Under 5k with the author of the self-titled book Melissa Campanelli.

Limitless Opportunities For New gTLD Registries; Domain Owners as Publishers

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Victor leads a discussion on how opportunities are limitless for new gTLD registries, but challenges will be difficult without expert assistance, according to guest Minds + Machines CEO Antony Van Couvering.  Plus, Jothan welcomes Peter Celeste of Domain Sponsor discusses what the company does for its clients in the areas of domain name monetization, pay per click and online advertising, plus how domain owners and registrants are referred to as publishers.

Converting Domain Assets Into Effective Online Businesses; Domains are The New Real Estate

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Converting Domain Assets Into Effective Online Businesses as Jodi Chamberlain, President of joins Victor Pitts in a discussion about converting domain assets into effective online businesses by outsourcing development to experienced resources.  Also,   life-time entrepreneur Stephen Webb explains why Domains are The New Real Estate.

Sorting and Monetizing Domain Investments; Managing Taxes with Domain Ownership

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Victor interviews Morgan Linton from Affiliate Covention LA 2009. Morgan is the President of Linton Investment has made a career of investing in domain. Morgan talks about sorting domains between good and bad and how to monetize. Sandra Brooks, author of the Domain Tax Guide on managing taxes with domain ownership.

How to Monetize the Most Using Google AdWords; The Art of Domain Name Squatting

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The Wizard of Google AdWords and one of the worlds leading specialists on buying search engine traffic expert Perry Marshall comes on to discuss how to monetize the most revenue using Google AdWords. Plus, veteran domainer Alf Temme  tells us his strategy of buying domain names, plus he discusses the issue of domain name squatting.

Serial Entreprenuer Gary Kremen on Getting Back, Starting and more

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Mike speaks with Serial Entrepreneur Gary Kremen,  the entrepreneur who invented online dating, founded the personals site and was the first registrant of