NamesCon2015: Monetizing Your Domain Traffic; Strong Domain Activity in Asian Market

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Former Domain Masters host Victor Pitts of visits with Scott Pruitt and Jonathan Tenenbaum on location from Namescon 2015 in Las Vegas were he  conducted a session on Monetizing Your Domain Traffic. Plus, we hear from  Pinky Brand from TLD Registry about the recent domain  activity around the Asian market and Chinese character domains.

How to Become a Successful Domain Investor

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Scott and Jonathan welcome as our guest successful domain name investor and blogger Shane Cultra of Shane will be sharing his never before revealed methods for finding great domain names in the aftermarket, how to value domain names, and what it means to Outsmart the Dumb and Outwork the Smart.

New ICANN Policies That Domain Owners Need to Know

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Our guest is Jennifer Standiford, Director of Policy at We will be discussing new ICANN verification policies that every domain owner needs to be aware of, and how the introduction of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are creating exciting opportunities for business owners and investors.

NamesCon 2015 Las Vegas Preview and Highlights with Richard Lau and Jothan Frakes

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Scott and Jonathan preview and highlight the upcoming NamesCon 2015 Conference (being held in Las Vegas January 11th-14th, 2015) with Richard Lau, NamesCon Co-Founder and Jothan Frakes, Co-Founder and Content Producer of NamesCon. NamesCon is the largest commercial domain name conference offering  distinct and diverse content and value for the domain name industry, which will include a live domain auction to the 2015 event.

New gTLD Versus dotCom Domain Names

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New TLDs VS. .com domains with Bill Hartzer, Senior SEO Strategist at Globe Runner SEO. Bill discusses which is the better value when it comes to search marketing; the .com or the exact match TLD. Bill  also talks about which new TLDs have the most sites built compared to number of registrations.

Monte Cahn Shares the Backstory of Domain Masters; Domain Auction News Making a Buzz

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New Hosts Scott Pruitt and Jonathan Tenenbaum welcome the original Domain Masters host, as well as Co-Founder and President of Right of the Dot, Monte Cahn. Monte shares his  backstory on the early beginnings of hosting the first domain industry podcast. Also, we  hear about the latest headlines along the domain auction  front.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization

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Bruce Clay talks about his search engine optimization classes, search engine optimization management, and improved search engine placement.

10 Tips to Domainers for Buying High Traffic Domains While Protecting Your Existing Traffic; Chronicling the dotCO Launch

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Jay Berkowitz of TenGoldenRules gives us 10 Tips to Domainers for Buying High Traffic Domains While Protecting Your Existing Traffic, plus Chronicling the dotCO Launch as Chef Patrick Ruddell speaks with Lori Anne Wardi, Director of Business Development for .Co Internet S.A.S

Using Blogs for New Domains; Diversifying your Domain Name Portfolio

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Using Blogs for New Domains with Breht Burri, a domainer and the president of the Domain Licensing Corporation a domain monetization and development company that manages a portfolio of approximately 3,000 Generic Domain Names.
Ron Sheridan discusses diversifying your domain name portfolio and his thoughts on the industry and how domainers do not have a major retail platform to seek out a premium domain.

SEO and Website Optimization; Rags to Riches

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Jake Bailie discusses SEO and website optimization from SES New York 2005 while Roy Lopez with his rags to riches story involving