CLBR Thanksgiving Edition: What Apps, Websites, People, Groups Are We Thankful for?

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CLBR Thanksgiving Edition as Bennet welcomes back  Brenda Christensen, Peter Kronowitt and Dan Tynan.  This panel of experts  talk about what websites or Apps or even people, events, groups and organizations they are thankful for on the web for what they have contributed.

EFF and the Fight for Transparency on NSA Monitoring; The New New Deal

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Andrew Crocker, a fellow with the Electronic Frontier Foundation ( or EFF), joins us to provide an update on the ever expanding National Security Agency domestic surveillance scandal. The EFF has been one of the most vocal critics of the program and has been actively fighting it in the courts.

Thanks to our Miami Book Fair International coverage, Bennet also speaks to Michael Grunwald, the author of “The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Administration”.


Patent Trolls and Whats Hot at SXSW Interactive

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Daniel Nazer, Staff Attorney on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s intellectual property team, discusses the EFFs fight for legislation to counter patent trolls. Plus, Startup expert Tom Nora gives us his impressions on what is hot at SXSW Interactive.

Google Blocks The Innocence of Muslims; California Spam Law Declared Unconstitutional

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Discussing how the California Spam Law declared unconstitutional as preempted by Federal law with Leeor Neta, the Assistant Director for Public Interest Programs from the
Golden Gate University School of Law. Plus, Jillian York, the Director of International Freedom of Expression for the Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses Googles decision to block access to the trailer for the controversial (and extremely bad) film The Innocence of Muslims.

ISP Copyright Enforcement and The Graduated Response

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Bennet is interviewing Corynne McSherry from the Electronic Frontier Foundation about ISP copyright enforcement via the graduated response process. We also hear from James O’ Brien, the newly appointed Associate Publisher at Campaigns and Elections magazine.

The War on Bloggers and Unconnecting in the Digital Age.

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Bennet first speaks with Kurt Opsahl of Electronic Frontier Foundation, about the actions of Righthaven and their legal war on bloggers. Then with a slight shift he then speaks with William Powers, the best selling author or Hamlet’s Blackberry about the act of Unconnecting in the Digital World.