Presidential Candidate Scorecard

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Engine returns to CLBR to discuss its Presidential Candidate Scorecard.  Engine is a research foundation and advocacy group that supports the growth of technology entrepreneurship through economic research, policy analysis, and advocacy on local and national issues.  In 2013, Michael McGeary joined us to discuss Engine’s Startup Day on Capitol Hill.

Today Engine’s Executive Director Evan Engstrom join us.  As Executive Director and formerly, Engine’s first Policy Director, Evan develops Engine’s positions on the key policy issues facing startups and the tech community and manages the organization’s daily operations.

In releasing the scorecard, Engstrom stressed:

Given the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship to our national economy, it is hugely important that the presidential candidates address some of the most pressing issues facing American startups and tech companies.  The answers to these issues are not easy, and they will require a nuanced, thoughtful approach. But the results of this report card highlight the lack of understanding and attention being paid to these issues in the 2016 election cycle. There is an opportunity here for candidates to go on the record and champion policies that will help startups grow and thrive.

IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016

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On location from the (International Association of Privacy Professionals) IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2016, Bennet Kelley talks about the latest news on the WhatsApp Encryption story and the latest details on the Panama Papers.

He also discusses some the following conference hot button stories:


But first, Bennet speaks with Feedonomics CTO Robert Foizen who explains why Los Angeles-based Feedonomics has become one of the top platforms for online shopping feeds.  Feedonomics is a shopping feed platform used to optimize raw data and feed to multiple channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, Bing, and hundreds more!


Apple Privacy Battle; SXSW Cyber Harassment Debate

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Apple Privacy Battle and SXSW Cyber Harassment Debate among topics discussed with Bennet Kelley and his return veteran tech journalist Dan Tynan.

We learn who are the winners and losers now that the FBI has cracked the Apple Code, the controversial and heavily guarded cyber harassment summit at SXSW, plus location tracking, Twitters 10th Anniversary.

Also, a vocal group of activists and people in media circles have charged that the News Genius Web annotation tool from the startup Genius can be used to harass and abuse people online. By effectively duplicating and attaching a line-by-line comments section to any article, with or without the consent of the author, they say that Genius“silences writers.”

In a letter sent to Genius earlier today, Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D., Mass.) agreed with these critics, formally asking the company to clarify what actions it is taking to prevent possible abuse. In a letter provided to Re/code, Genius said that while it appreciated Rep. Clark’s thoughts on online harassment, “we want to be clear that Genius does not enable abuse. This is a false narrative that has taken hold on Twitter and other outlets.”






US-EU Privacy Conflict

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Cameron Kerry returns to the program to speak with Bennet Kelley to talk about the US-EU Privacy Conflict. Kerry is the former General Counsel and Acting Secretary of the United States Department of Commerce, has played a leadership role in addressing many of the biggest challenges facing business today, including consumer privacy issues and the flow of information and technology across international borders. He is a thought leader on global privacy, security and information flows whose writing has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, TechCrunch, and is quoted by The Financial Times, and The Wall Street Journal among other publications.

Kerry joined us in 2014 to talk about the ICANN transition.  Click here for details

Digital Medicine with Harry Nelson

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Talking Digital Medicine as Bennet Kelley speaks with co-founder and managing partner at Nelson Hardiman, Harry Nelson. One area where the internet is revolutionizing services, but which is often overlooked, is in medicine and health care. This week we explore this issue with Nelson, who has been at the forefront in this field – as a lawyer, entrepreneur and thought leader.

Harry has a track record of real leadership at the nexus of healthcare and business challenges, focusing on federal and state regulatory compliance, business strategy, and developing practical solutions to vexing industry problems. He regularly advises a broad range of healthcare, life science, and technology companies (as well as their investors). Harry has deep experience working with entrepreneurial healthcare ventures, including telehealth issues and new business models. He is known as an attorney who is passionate about the healthcare industry and deeply invested in his clients’ success.

Understanding The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

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The Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act passed Congress last year as part of the 2015 budget package signed by President Obama on December 18, 2015. While CISA had support from the business community, including the powerful US Chamber of Commerce and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, it was opposed by civil liberties groups Twitter, Yelp, Apple and the Computer & Communications Industry Association whose members include Google,, Cloudflare, Netflix, Facebook, Red Hat, and Yahoo! Edward Snowden said a vote for CISA was a vote against the internet.

Bennet Kelley speaks with Susan Hennessey, a Managing Editor of Lawfare and General Counsel of the Lawfare Institute and a Brookings Fellow in National Security Law, who has addressed the arguments against CISA in a series of columns in Lawfare.

Cyber Security: The View Inside the Beltway with Sean Lyngaas

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Cyber Security: The View Inside the Beltway as Bennet Kelley speaks with Sean Lyngaas, an FCW (Federal Computer Week) staff writer covering defense, cybersecurity and intelligence issues. From the recent passage of Cyber Information Sharing Act, to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data breach and the nascent Pentagon Cyber Command, Washington is increasingly focusing on cyber security.

Prior to joining FCW, Sean was a reporter and editor at Smart Grid Today, where he covered everything from cyber vulnerabilities in the U.S. electric grid to the national energy policies of Britain and Mexico. His reporting on a range of global issues has appeared in publications such as The Atlantic, The Economist, The Washington Diplomat and The Washington Post.



Santa Monica Startup WaiveCar

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Santa Monica startup WaiveCar could become the next big sharing economy disruptor. As explained by CEO Isaac Deutch:

The idea behind WaiveCar is to provide free to low cost, clean transportation alternatives for cities. We cover our costs with ad revenue via a digital display mounted on the roof of the vehicle.

The displays are not just a computer monitor – besides for being military grade, the screens are smart – they can display ads dynamically, including geolocated ads – very cool for on street, hyper localized ads.

For now, we’re using the Chevy Spark EV. We have 20 cars and they get about 80 miles of range on a charge. Our first market is LA, starting in Santa Monica. From there we’re planning on expanding the LA fleet to 200 vehicles.

Rentals are completely FREE for the first 2 hours. We just take need to check your drivers license and have a CC on file. After 2 hours, it’s $5.99 / hr (not to make money, but to ensure trips are short and the system can be used by all).

We launched on Monday. If you’re in Santa Monica, please download the app, stop by, and rent a car for free!

The Vatican Bank and Gods Bankers

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Bennet Kelley speaks with Gerald Posner, author of “God’s Bankers: A History of Money and Power at the Vatican Bank.” Afterwards, he speaks with legendary writer/director/producer David Paulsen who traveled to the Vatican in 1970 as a journalist, accompanying Bishop James Edward Walsh to meet with Pope Paul VI following his release after 12 years in prison in China and has met some of the actors involved in the Vatican Bank Story.

God’s Bankers is  a rare exposé and an astounding saga marked by poisoned business titans, murdered prosecutors, mysterious deaths of private investigators, and questionable suicides; a carnival of characters from Popes and cardinals, financiers and mobsters, kings and prime ministers; and a set of moral and political circumstances that clarify not only the church’s aims and ambitions, but reflect the larger dilemmas of the world’s more recent history.



Lessons for Life from Snow White Bui

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Bennet Kelley speaks about Lessons for Life with Snow White Bui (yes that is her real name). After working long hours at a start-up for a four years, Snow White quit her job to take time off for herself. She spent several months living in different parts of California and recently returned from a four-month long solo ‘field-trip’ around the country where she visited 25 states, met hundreds of people and learned the history of each region.

Snow White is the curator of a project called Lessons for Life, a grassroots effort that seeks to inspire reflection, encourage the sharing of important life learnings and foster human connection. Individuals from all walks of life are asked one question: “What are the three things you wish you knew when you were younger?”