Who Is Running Phony Cell Phone Towers Around The United States

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Reports say an agency of the U.S. Justice Department is gathering data from thousands of cell phones, including both criminal suspects and innocent Americans, by using fake communications towers on airplanes. Andrew Rosenblum from Popular Science fills us in from his September article.

Net Neutrality and the Battle over Whistleblowers

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Net Neutrality Heats Up as President Obama has came out strongly for the concept of net neutrality, saying that an open Internet is essential to the American economy, and increasingly to our very way of life.

Plus, we discuss Free Press in the Digital Age and the Battle over Whistleblowers as Bennet interviews Courtney C. Radsch, PhD, a journalist, researcher, and free expression advocate from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

2014 Midterm Election Edition with Mike O’Neil and Lara M Brown

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Election 2014 The Results Are In – What Does it Mean? CLBR offer its 2014 Mideterm Election Edition as Bennet offers his Take Post Mortem and gets some Quick Thoughts From Reliable Sources with Mike O Neil of O Neil and Associates and Lara M Brown, an associate professor who serves as the program director for the Political Management Program in The Graduate School of Political Management (GSPM) at The George Washington University.

Internet Privacy with Lorrie Cranor and Douglas Gansler

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Talking Internet Privacy as Bennet speaks with Lorrie Cranor, Associate Professor of Computer Science and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler. He discusses how government should view privacy and the Internet, from location tracking to hacking, data safety and data breaches to cyberbullying.

Internet Governance and Mid-Term Elections with Eric Jardine

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 We discuss internet governance with Eric Jardine of the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Toronto, Canada.  Eric is one of the publishers of CIGIs blog Reimaging The Internet which discusses current events, trends and challenges in the realm of Internet governance

Gamergate and I Am Sarkeesian; News Out Of ICANN 51

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 As ICANN meets in Los Angeles for its tri-annual meeting, issues of the proposed ICANN transfer and ICANN’s accountability itself loom large.  Steve DelBianco, an occasional ICANN critic and CLBR veteran is at ICANN 51 and will give us an update.  But first we hear from professor Marc Randazza about his eloquent blog statement in response to GamerGate and death threats made against feminist filmmaker Anita Sarkeesian.

Paul Barrett and The Law of the Jungle

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Author Paul Barrett discusses his new book, The Law of the Jungle – a cautionary tale about our legal system. Law of the Jungle is the  story of one American lawyer’s obsessive crusade—waged at any cost—against Big Oil on behalf of the poor  farmers and indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Cost of NSA Surveillance and Hong Kong Protests

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Bennet discusses The Cost of NSA Surveillance with Danielle Kehl of the New America Foundation. Plus, Understanding the Recent Protests in Hong Kong as we hear from Sharon Hom from Human Rights in China.

New Media Rights: Digital Legal Aid For Creators And Mayhem

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Digital Legal Aid For Creators And Mayhem as Bennet welcomes Art Neill, the founder of New Media Rights, which practices public interest law in the areas of internet, intellectual property, and communications law. Also, a Kashmir Hill article discussing Modeling Website Didnt Warn Users Rapists Were Preying On Them.

Crowdfunding and the Jobs Act with James Richardson of Crowdfunders

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In 2012, President Obama signed the JOBS Act which had several provisions designed to spur crowdfunding, from changing rules for advertising and solicitation of private investment offerings and allowing companies to raise up to 1 Million dollars through crowdfunding platforms. Crowdfunder Vice President James Richardson discusses the growth of crowdfunding in the US and worldwide and the impact of the JOBS Act changes.