Akamai State of The Intenet Report 2014 Breakdown

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Global Average Connection Speeds and Global Broadband Connectivity, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Traffic and Mobile Connectivity are just some the issues highlighted by David Belson, the Senior Director of Industry and Data Intelligence at Akamai Technologies and the editor of the State of the Internet Report.

Defending Clients Against California Spam Law; New DOJ Head to Emphasize Cybercrime

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Bennet speaks with Internet Karl Kronenberger of San Francisco-based Kronenberger Rosenfeld, whose firm recently prevailed on behalf of its client in a putative class action alleging violations of California’s spam law. Plus, Bennet Kelley is Named One of Most Influential E-Commerce Lawyers By the LA Business Journal; New head of DOJ criminal unit to emphasize cybercrime; Daniel Noriega sues Activision on Right of Publicity Claim.

The Man Taking on RipOffReport and Easy Name Change

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In Gunfight at the OK Corral, a U.S. Marshal from the prairie is called to Arizona to help his brother stand his ground against a band of cattle thieves. The character is an American archetype that is alive and well in the last untamed frontier — the Internet.

Ben Smith, District Attorney for Sac County, Iowa is a modern Wyatt Earp. Unlike Gunfight, he was not summoned to Arizona, but rather Arizona came to him when Tempe-based RipOffReport.com and others sought to exploit a pending murder trial as part of a proxy war against an Internet security expert seeking to expose them.

Also, Genevieve Dennis, founder and director of Easy Name Change, introduces us to her website that makes name changing easy.

NSA, Privacy, Surveillance and Whistleblowing with William Binney

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Bennet speaks with Former high-level National Security Agency intelligence official William Binney following his trip to Germany for a parliamentary inquiry in Berlin into the NSAs activities. William discusses the creation of his new Government Accountability Project supported whistleblower website, how he blew the whistle on NSA surveillance programs plus his outspoken criticism of the NSA during the George W. Bush administration that made him the subject of FBI investigations.

The Half-Baked Security Of Our Internet Of Things; Torn Between Two World Cup Teams

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The Half-Baked Security Of Our Internet Of Things as Bennet welcomes back Forbes senior editor Kashmir Hill. Plus, hear the story of a couple Torn Between Two World Cup Teams as Joe Brinker and Isabelle De Ruyt share their reactions watching the World Cup 2014 Round of 16 matchup featuring their respective home countries, United States and Belgium.

Occupy FCC: Camp Out to Save Net Neutrality; SCOTUS Hands Down Decisions on Aereo and Cell Phone Privacy

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Kevin Zeese from Popular Resistance, Its Our Economy are spearheading the Camp Out to Save Net Neutrality or Peoples Firewall FCC Camp (aka Occupy FCC) to protest the FCC’s failure to push for Net Neutrality.

Also, Attorney Karl Kronenberger Discusses Summary Judgment his firm had  Against Professional Spam Plaintiff Timothy Dewitt, and the US Supreme Court hands down descisions on Aereo and Cell Phone Privacy.

Canada Spam Law Goes Into Effect; US Trademark Appeals Board Cancels Washington Redskins Trademark

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Canada’s spam law, which was passed in 2010, finally goes into effect on July 1st. David Elder of Stikeman Elliot talks to us from Ottawa to explain the new law.

Plus, US Trademark Appeals Board Cancels Redskins Trademark, Sixth Circuit Reverses Judgment Against the Dirt, British Columbia Court Orders Google to Block Sites Worldwide and Canadian Supreme Court Upholds Web Users Privacy

ICANN Transistion Examined with Cameron Kerry

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The decision of the Obama administration to move forward with a plan to transition the U.S.’s oversight role over ICANN to some other entity has sparked a political backlash that is eerily reminiscent of the Republican opposition to the Panama Canal Treaty that transferred control of the canal to Panama.

Bennet speaks with Cameron Kerry, former General Counsel of the Department of Commerce and now at the Brookings Institute about what exactly this transition means and the politics of the move.

The OKCupid-Mozillla War: When Politics Enters The Boardroom

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Bennet discusses Corporate governance expert talks about the OKCupid-Mozillla war and when politics enters the boardroom with  Charles Elson, the  Edgar S. Woolard, Jr. Chair in Corporate Governance Professor of Finance Director of the John L. Weinberg Center for Corporate Governance

Green Tech, Silicon Valley and Washington; CLBR Nominated for Los Angeles Press Club Awards

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Bennet discusses  talk about Green Tech, Silicon Valley and Washington with Jim Hurd, Founder of the Green Science Exchange and a prominent Silicon Valley Insider, plus we learn howe the radio program has been rewarded with a nomination from the Los Angeles Press Club for the Southern California Journalism Awards in the category of Talk Radio – Public Affairs broadcast.