Public Relations Mentoring

July 8, 2009


PRSA New York Chapter President and Head of CKPR Deborah Radman discusses her background in corporate communications, crisis management, public affairs and both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing.

She also discusses her work with the PRSA’s Counselors Academy, an industry group comprising the senior most executives at the helm of major public relations firms in the U.S and the PRSA Jobcenter Mentorship Program.


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  1. Dennis Ramdawah says:

    Very informative discussion. I am a contemplating studying PR as a profession. I am currently attending a 2yr institution with intentions to continue further towards a bachelors. I work in an HR environment but feel that my talents like in the speaking with others and informing those around us of what is actually happening as it relates to society or an organization. I am strongly considering Public Relations but wish to understand more of the craft before i make a commitment to study this craft. I thought that the discussion by President Radman was very insightful and gave some knowledge of the state of the union of Public Relations. I will look into the mentoring program that the chapter offers.
    Thank you.

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