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Everything you need to do business on the web. From funding to finance, setup to staffing, branding to biz-dev, co-hosts Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy have between them, more than 50 years of success in nurturing businesses to become global brands. Gillian co-founded Moz and serves on boards on four continents. Anne was a founding board member of and guided numerous Internet start-ups, including Zillow. Together, and with occasional guest experts, they break down the art of small business from the ground up.

Latest Show Episodes & Updates

Priorities, Process and Procrastination — Productivity Tips from Fast Company
Air Date: February 23, 2015

0 Productivity affects revenues, whether for better or worse depends on your habits, according to Fast Company’s 14 Tips to Make 2015 Your Most Productive Year Yet. Productivity issues eat into revenue generation big time. Increase productivity and you get more done in less time, and therefore more value. Many of the tips your already know, […]

eCommerce Building Your Brand Community
Air Date: February 16, 2015

0 eCommerce Building Your Brand Community Air date: Feb 16, 2015 Want to make more money in your eCommerce? Brand community increases the longevity and lifetime value of your customers – therefore it increases your revenues. Raving fans will market you product for you; this is ecommerce Nirvana. Gillian and Anne tell how to find […]

How to Close the Deal
Air Date: February 10, 2015

0 Continuing this months theme Increasing Your Revenue in 2015, Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy reveal the critical steps in closing a deal, from the top of your funnel to full conversion — the sale. Where to start with both short term and long-term prospects, how to craft a strategic plan to increase the size […]

How to Drum Up More Business
Air Date: February 3, 2015

0 Anne Kennedy and Gillian Muessig share how to drum up more business. Learn how to locate new customers, identify potential customers and call/email to work your way to the decision makers.Plus, how to befriend admins and other gatekeepers and more. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

What is it Really Like to Sell Your Company?
Air Date: January 26, 2015

0 Kristin Luck of Decipher, a market research software-as-service talks about the steps her company went through to attract the right buyer and then complete the sale.  What were the critical steps in he process? Where did they have to focus the most. And what was the biggest surprise. A must-hear for any entrepreneur planning […]

Logistics Solve Business Issues
Air Date: January 19, 2015

0 Guest Robert Gilbreath of ShipStation discusses logistics for small companies and how entrepreneurs can solve problems and streamline operations with the right tools. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Growth Hacking for Start-ups and Marketing
Air Date: January 12, 2015

0 Guest Farrah Bostic, founder of The Difference Engine, talks about attaining, gaining and sustaining customers and why a distribution plan is critically important to your company’s growth, more so even than brand equity. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Your Top 3 Critical Financial Success Factors for the New Year
Air Date: January 5, 2015

0 What must you absolutely do with your companys finances to succeed in the New Year? Besides the obvious: increase revenues, of course. Gillian and Anne give you the top three to get you started. 3: Complement your skill set with partners. 2. Practice good financial hygiene from Day 1. And 1 — Drum roll please! […]

Seeking Out Venture Capital or Angel Investing; How Analysts Benefit Entrepreneurs
Air Date: December 29, 2014

0 Gillian speaks with Susan Sigl, former CEO of the Washington Technology Industry Association and co-founder/partner of SeaPoint Ventures about what you should do before you seek Venture Capital or Angel Investing. Also Rebecca Lieb of Altimeter explains what analysts do and how they can be of benefit to entrepreneurs. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

What Does a CEO Coach Do?
Air Date: December 22, 2014

0 We hear about “life coaches” and, of course sports coaches all the time. And here we are with a show called “CEO Coach”. So just what does a CEO Coach do? Anne and Gillian discuss the value CEO coaches bring to companies, and not just start ups. We talk about how we started and why. How […]