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Everything you need to do business on the web. From funding to finance, setup to staffing, branding to biz-dev, co-hosts Gillian Muessig and Anne Kennedy have between them, more than 50 years of success in nurturing businesses to become global brands. Gillian co-founded Moz and serves on boards on four continents. Anne was a founding board member of and guided numerous Internet start-ups, including Zillow. Together, and with occasional guest experts, they break down the art of small business from the ground up.

Latest Show Episodes & Updates

How Employee Accountability Drives Corporate Performance
Air Date: July 21, 2014

0 Greg Bustin joins Anne and Gillian to talk about his book Accountability, the Key to Driving a High Performance Culture. Greg talks about the research in his book and his tips for raising accountability in your company. Find out what the seven pillars of accountability are and how they set your culture on the […]

IT Project Management and How to Hold Your Team Accountable
Air Date: July 14, 2014

0 Anne and Gillian discuss IT project management, in particular how to manage development projects and maintain forward progress and your sanity. Learn project management tips from those who have been through the process. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Forget your Crystal Ball, Listen to a Futurist
Air Date: July 7, 2014

1 Gillian and Anne talk with Meridith Fishkin, a futurist consultant who predicted, among other trends the bebe craze for French fashion, Japanese anime adoption in the US, and the steam punk art movement. Find out what futurists can do for your business. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Building a Successful Hispanic-Focused Media Company in the US… As a Woman
Air Date: June 30, 2014

0 Anne and Gillian chat with Martha de la Torre, founder and CEO of EC Hispanic Media about launching successful publications for a fast-growing minority market and being a Reluctant Entrepreneur. Her company publishes El Classificado, Quinceanera and six other publications online and in print for Hispanic readers in the US and Mexico. Podcast: Play […]

How to Use Google+ to Win Friends and Influence Buyers with Ben Fisher
Air Date: June 23, 2014

0 Gillian and Anne talk to Ben Fisher about the best ways to make the most of Google Plus for you business. Fisher runs, and he is a Brand Management consultant. Take His 30-day challenge on Google Plus and see how far you get. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Metrics That Matter for Clear Vision and Intelligent Decisions
Air Date: June 16, 2014

0 What metrics must you absolutely track to determine if you are on the right path to success? Gillian and Anne discuss what to track, how to track it, and most importantly what to do with the data you collect to make decisions that matter. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Kickstarting Growth: Culture Trumps Strategy
Air Date: June 9, 2014

0 Your culture is a core factor in kickstarting growth in your company. Gillian and Anne discuss how to clarify why you are in business and how to build your values into your company organization and then communicate that culture clearly inside and out. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Investability Quotient: Whats Yours and How to Get One
Air Date: June 2, 2014

0 A different kind of IQ has been funding buzz of late. Just what is an Investability Quotient and how do you find yours? Gillian and Anne discuss the elements that go into this calculation and how you can improve yours before you reach out to investors. Podcast: Play in new window | Download

What to Expect When Youre Starting Up
Air Date: May 19, 2014

0 While starting a company isnt exactly like having a baby, it helps in both cases to be prepared for what to expect as you step out into brave new territory. Gillian and Anne discuss the main such events, attitudes and signposts youll want to keep in mind, so you can hang onto you sanity […]

Doing Business in Catalonia, or Anywhere Else Overseas
Air Date: May 12, 2014

0 Gillian chats with Anselm Bossacoma, a government official in Catalonia, about what resources host governments make available to help you set up businesses in their countries. Hear how to navigate regulatory and other requirements for smooth sailing in new waters. Podcast: Play in new window | Download