Cancer Survivor Makes Millions in Affiliate Marketing

October 21, 2010

Cancer Survivor Makes Millions in Affiliate Marketing as we learn the story of Cindy Battye, who was diagnosed with breast cancer but was able to enter an affiliate marketing venture that would become a multimillion dollar Internet marketing empire.


13 Responses to “Cancer Survivor Makes Millions in Affiliate Marketing”

  1. knotty says:

    i really would like to get my site goin,being a newbie i really need help.

  2. Ron says:

    Great to hear you made it , I started with click bank in 2008 when I was recovering from cancer, I have not seen a dime yet, always seamed to get scammed out of money and got discouraged until this year. I am reading more and posting more. I will not give up. I am in remission and will fight on.

  3. Yvon says:



    Thanks for the info. shared. I’m new to affiliate marketing and wonder how do I start. I signed up with click bank and don’t know much.


  4. Henry Ross says:

    I”m a new affiliate please help me!!

  5. Nicole says:

    This is great info! I’m a total newbie and I had a feeling many methods such as article writing (even though I like) flyers, email are outdated because everything is saturated and take a long time.
    Just the other day I was talking to myself about communiating with people on skye and here it is!
    Hmmm… Seems like God may be looking out for me eh?

  6. […] novice, and in a few short years has gone on to become one of ClickBank’s top performers! In this episode, she shares her story, as well as her tips for product launch success for both vendors and […]

  7. Nice to know that ailment is not a hindrance for this kind of work. I have a cancer patient too who finds way to be happy in the internet. I wish like you, he will make some for his ailments treatment.

  8. Selva says:

    Hi, Im new to affiliate marketing. I’ve started with clickbank. I dont know much and how to proceed further. Can you help me?

  9. Selva says:

    Hi, Its amazing! Ms.Cyindi, I heard your interview and it was really motivating. Now I’ve the confidence that I can. Good wishes!

  10. samuel says:

    i am a new affiliate i don’t have website i have register with clickbank and i don’t know how to start and sell please help me make it and do i have to own website before i can sell? please let me know, thanks.

  11. This is the most wonderful story to read. I was ready to give up after CB wouldn’t pay me after one year, because I didn’t have enough DIFFERENT credit card sales to meet their TOS

    You just have to be patient

    Good luck


  12. Ruth H says:

    Some great tips here. I was on Cindy’s List for a long time and only unsubscribed to make myself take action and stop reading. This has inspired me to sign back up.

  13. Bellaisa says:

    It’s so true about ‘growing together’ in affiliate marketing. I’ve always been amazed at the help out there and people willing to help teach the ‘how to’s’ of affiliate marketing. I do try to pay it forward whenever I can because I want Karma to bring it back to me again!

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